Recently Hubs and I were invited to attend a painting event hosted by ArtTonite at Pappa’s Grill  in Toronto. We found parking easily and arrived ahead of the crowd to get a look at the layout. We were warmly greeted by one of the company founders Jane and led to the ‘painting zone’.

After much discussion over the previous days, Hubs decided to join me. He was not really interested in painting a picture. In his own words, “I haven’t painted since I was 7.” He was definitely prepared to just be my +1 and watch.

We met LUC the resident artist and he set to work reassuring us that it would not be as painful an experience as we both feared. In fact, LUC and Jane assured us, we would have a great time.


Drinks in hand we ventured into the ‘danger zone’ and picked out our canvases, paint and aprons.



Everything we needed was there for us. Plus there was delicious Greek food circulating all night. A couple of drinks and we were ready to embark on our adventure.


There were three artists keeping an eye on things and walking us through the process step by step. One was even recreating the painting while we were. I am excited that I learned so many cool tips – like outlining the shapes in a very watery version of our flower first in case you want to make a change.


I was really nervous about doing this. I spent a lot of time being ‘artsy’ when I was younger but not in several decades. (Unless you count the Toronto Maple Leaf I painted on our double garage door 15 years ago.) Using the paint watered down helped me gain my confidence. It wasn’t long before I was immersed in my own little world. The DJ they had there was amazing too.



And then you leave with your masterpiece:


My hubs says to tell you that it’s a lot of fun – even for the artistically challenged. If we can do it – anyone can!

If you want to try it out go the ArtTonite’s website to see when the next event is around you. (In and around the GTA.)

AND! If you are interested in winning two free tickets for an event in and around the greater Toronto area, you should try your luck by entering this contest:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I did not pay for the tickets to this event and am giving my opinion in the form of my evaluation. I was not asked to blog about it but chose to do so on my own. I could not pass up the opportunity to use these photos – they are so colourful!  

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