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Learning to Code on the Colourful Queen Street West

Recently I enjoyed a day of coding downtown in my old Toronto haunt Queen Street West. I updated some JavaScripting and jQuerying skills with a wonderful group of people at Ladies Learning Code. The day long course was held at the Learning Labs hub and it was very stimulating to take a course led by an actual Front End Web Developer – Nat Cooper.

Tucked in between overflowing textile treasure chests, the classes also have mentors who function as assistants to move things along if you get stuck – while not slowing the rest of the class down.


This course allowed me to go thought JavaScript and jQuery from the basics and I was able to go at a pretty good pace to shimmy past the parts I understood. I loved the interaction and availability of the team of mentors.

This was my first time in the Learning Lab and the classrooms were airy, light and not at all overcrowded. The pace was based on feedback but also moved along by the instructor to make sure we were able to fit everything in. Quite an exhilarating experience.

The wifi was on track in this modern geek haven loft. The lesson package they offered was clearly written and easy to follow. Definitely excellent flow throughout the day. A delicious healthy lunch was also provided at the mid-way point.


I recommend Ladies Learning Code and the Learning Labs to anyone interested in getting a piece of development knowledge figured out, enriching what you already know or preparing for a whole new career. I would LOVE to come back and learn some more with this group. 

Click here to be linked directly to their website.

Here is a video from Global News discussing Ladies Learning Code:

Disclaimer: I was not paid or asked to write this review. I did it purely to share my honest opinion on how awesome I think these people are.

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