Sweet Enough

I recently found out I have metabolic syndrome and was told to dramatically reduce the carbohydrates I take in. My understanding is that it means I have taken in so much sugar for so long that my body is sort of immune to it now. sweet

Considering I am basically a sugar addict I’m finding this challenging. 

The good news is that while cutting back on carbs, I actually have to increase protein and fat content. (I’m allowed because my cholesterol levels are great otherwise I don’t know what I’d do.) The protein and fat makes me feel fuller longer. 

I’ve always had an up and down relationship with weight gain – ever since I was very young. Until I was 25 I was chronically ‘under weight’ and couldn’t gain if I wanted to. My doctors had me drinking meal nutrition shakes in addition to regular food but it didn’t make a difference. I was much more active back then too and lived on my bike until I was in my early twenties. sweet

Then I met my husband, had two kids too close together and hopped aboard the depression roller coaster for a while. All that added up. I have too much weight now – I think that’s what is causing the pain, trouble sleeping through the night, and overall discomfort. I’d walk as my exercise but the pain from a separating pelvis ensures even short distances or bike rides are torture. I could swim if I wasn’t allergic to chlorine. 

Getting the sweet out with steak and veggies

Steak, mushrooms, onions, broccoli, tomatoes, mayo and TONS of butter!

I lie in bed at night after waking up thinking about how terrible I feel and how I can’t go on like this any more. 

It’s hard to know where to turn so when the endocrinologist finally said ‘metabolic syndrome’ I felt some relief – at least I have something to focus on.

Now for the fun part. I’ve begun this journey cautiously but I have begun. Last week I went away to a luxury resort and had 5 course meals prepared by a world renowned chef. Sure it was a setback but I’m ok with that and understand it’ll happen sometimes. I’m making better choices overall and I have already noticed I get the shakes when I do have sugar – that must mean something is changing. Eventually my body will adjust and I will start to feel better too.

Sweet strawberries

Naturally sweetened strawberries don’t need sugar.

Did you know that a cup of store bought chocolate milk has less carbohydrates than a glass of store bought grapefruit juice? And that mayonnaise is good but ketchup is bad? Or that you get used to not having sugar in your tea within a week? 

I’m not missing the store bought bread but I do miss how it filled me up. Instead I’m using thin shaved slices of ham and rolling it around cream cheese, and a bit of cheddar for breakfast. A few other meals I’ve come up with include sausages, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, steak, veggies, naturally sweet strawberries, plain kefir and steel cut oats…

sweet treats

Ham, cheddar, cream cheese, cucumbers, beet humous.

I’d love to hear any advice or suggestions you have for meals. I’m shocked at how many over processed foods and sugars I was eating before. This isn’t a diet – this is a change. Also, if any of you have a good idea for a sweet treat I can have after dinner I’d be SO GRATEFUL! That is my biggest craving time. 

I’m off to search for carb friendly snacks! 


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