I’m not a blogger

Do you know what ‘blog’ comes from? Web Log. Most sites are fairly static in that they don’t change very often but when you make changes to it frequently, like to add a daily or weekly update, you get to call it a blog. 

The term blog has been getting some bad publicity lately. It seems to be said with derision even. I wonder why that is? A group of blogger friends recently found some t-shirts that said “I’m not a blogger” and posted pictures of themselves dressed up in them. Pretty funny. 


I asked a family member if they’d seen my website lately and was told “ Lol . . No . . I am not a Facebook . . Twitter . . Blogger. . . I follow people by actually communicating with them . .” 

I explain what I do on my website as an online diary or journal of sorts. I don’t do it every day. Usually. This month is an exception with the challenge I’m involved in to write daily. I think of it as a place to look back on and capture stories, recipes and memories. It’s kind of fun to be asked my opinion on services, products and places too. And I like to promote local businesses that I like.

I even have friends on here trying their hand at blogging. Maybe it will lead to them getting into it too. 

So what am I? A writer? An editor? A storyteller? If I call myself a journalist will I get more respect? Who knows. And you know what? Who cares. I am so’s I am. And I’ll keep being myself as long as it’s still fun.

Cheers and have an eclectic day!

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