August is a bittersweet time around here – it’s the month you have to squeeze in everything you wanted to get done for summer and the countdown is on before my son goes back to Kingston for school.

With both kids working full time hours at their jobs we didn’t have time to do much this summer except take little trips on their days off. That’s ok though – they both need to save. I suspect after all these hard working hours they will want to stay in school as long as they possibly can.

Here are some of the images that were most popular on my Instagram Gallery in August. I love this space and convey so many of my feelings here. The first three images received the highest number of likes and the last two are some of my favourites…

  1. I took this one standing on the beach nearest to our house. The sun was setting behind me to the east and Lake Ontario looked so lovely and calm.

Tonight’s sunset brought to you by Mother Nature. ? . . . . #sunset #evening #eclecticsoapbox #nature #blessed #love

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2. These flowers are also from down by the lake. This picture was taken so quickly in just a moment that I stopped on the way down to the water’s edge. People seem to like these daisy like flowers.

3. When I take a picture I like to find a different angle – one that most haven’t considered – the ECLECTIC one of course. I also think that so many things are beautiful about flowers and nature but you don’t always notice unless someone puts it up in front of you – like this glimpse of the sides of the sunflowers.

4. On this day I had to drag my daughter out of bed bright and early on a Sunday. She wasn’t very happy with me at the time but I knew she’d enjoy the farmer’s market by our house. And she did. Plus I just had to get her in front of all the beautiful colours and shapes for her creative brain to wake up. For this image I called out to her as she was walking away from me and I am very happy with the way the picture turned out.

5. Just look at this silly little guy – nose deep in a posey. Thanks to the bees we have lots of flowers this year. This flower was in a beautiful succulent garden. I wonder if they get drunk on nectar?

Happy September my friends!

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