What a month July was! So many things to see and share this summer. Here are the three you guys liked the most followed by a couple of my favs…
1.I took this picture in the spring but reposted it for Canada day. I love how bright and red the leaves look.


One of my favourite pictures from the spring. Have a great night! #Canada #maple #tree #trees #red #sun #sunshine

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2. I saw these flowers at a local farm store – Price’s Market. 

3. These flowers are so pretty – and they come in so many different shades and shapes.

4. I took this picture down by Lake Ontario at Bowmanville East Beach. One of my favourites from July.

5. I haven’t been down to the beach very much since the heat wave started. It’s just too hot and muggy for breathing. I’ll be back soon though, doing my thing. 

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