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September feels like the beginning of things. For most of my life it meant the start of school and it continues to be for the kids. It’s a weird time of year with the weather not behaving in a ‘traditional’ manner and being so hot these days, it makes it feel more like summer than autumn. 

I posted my daily flowers again in September and it seems the yellow flower pictures continue to be the most popular ones. Two out of the top three were sunflower images. 

Here are the top 5 based on post likes and what I like the best.

1.I didn’t really think this was such a special image – I took it at the farmer’s market on Sunday. Just a big beautiful bucket of sunflowers for sale and of course we brought some of these beauties home. This was my highest rated image in September and I think that is because they look so cheerful.

2. Beautiful sunrises that never duplicate themselves are worth getting up early to see. It’s so wonderful that nature gives us these daily gifts. This is the view of the sunrise from our back deck. 

3. When we were up at the Couple’s Resort last month I was so impressed by their gardens. There were flowers everywhere and wonderful vegetable gardens too. It’s the little things, like the patch of dirt next to the stairs leading to the parking lot that has a very cool blue flower growing in a tiny niche that makes this place so special. All the niches there seem to have flowers in them. The flower in this picture had been trimmed from the main bush as they were cleaning up in preparation for the cold weather. I found it in the gardener’s shed in a basket.  

4. I LOVE this image. I snapped it very quickly at my local nursery in the rain. I like to go there when I’m feeling life is a bit too hectic. It helps me ground myself. It’s my happy place. I love the smells of the plants and dirt and all the growing things too. There is an energy and optimism in a nursery. insta-

5. This is another flower I took a picture of up at the Couple’s Resort – I was stalking that bee. I’ve never seen a bee with that kind of orange stripe on it before. And look at how much pollen he has stacked up on his legs already! How does he even fly? insta-


Have fun capturing your world friends! 

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