Intentions are less threatening & more ‘verb-like’ than ‘resolutions’. When you say ‘I intend to do something,’ it’s more like a statement, or a prediction, something you have already worked the details out in your head for. It’s visualized.

If I say ‘resolutions,’ it feels negative to me. It’s as if I’ve resolved to do something I really don’t want to do. But I have to do it anyway. I’m being forced. Resolutions, in my mind, are vague and come from someone else. Intentions, on the other hand, come from me. I am in control. I choose what I will do.

This year it is my ‘intention’ to do many things this year including the following:

first intention of the year

Move more – with the kids, the husband, the friends, the dogs. With myself and my thoughts. I “intend” to feel muscles ache that I haven’t felt in a long time. And not just from walking around the block. This is a big one for me. But I will do it. I have to. Might be time to try ultimate frisbee again – haha no way. But I will go swimming more. 

second intention of the year

Enjoy more quantities and varieties of plants in my food. Starting with avocados. Yep – I’m going to do it this time. I’ve already started!

third intention of the year

Earn more income through writing. Through blogging, social media, reviews, web development. On my platforms and others.

fourth intention of the year

Reduce Clutter in my home. It’s time to look around and see what is there. And to make some tough choices about culling the clutter. Not going to lie – it won’t be easy. But it will happen. 

fifth intention of the year

Feel happy. How? By fearing less – or at least trying to identify other feelings instead of just the fear. Like excitement, anticipation, suspense. Recognizing and enjoying the good more often. By hugging my family more. I love the feeling of holding my children – even though they are so grown up now. I will feel happier by taking control of certain things that happen like making a point of getting out of bed at 4am when the inner demons become the loudest. I will not allow them to hold me captive. 


What about you? What are your intentions for the future? It is never too late to think about it. You can just make a simple list like I have. 

Have an eclectic day! And feel free to have a look at some of these other great bloggers I’ve met along the way:











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