Lacy Angel Wings Christmas Ornament

DIY Cuteness

At this time of the year people start looking for crafts that are unique and adorable. Have I got the perfect idea for you! 

You can use these on your tree, on gifts, or as gifts. I think they’d make lovely placeholders too.


To make them you need pipe cleaners, wood beads, lace with a straight edge and a seam on one side. Also a fine tipped marker and something to hang them with.

eclecticsoapbox angel parts

I added faces to the wood beads before I put them together in case I messed it up.

You can pick whatever colour of pipe cleaner you want for the halo – I have used white with gold flecks before but I couldn’t find them this time. White, silver and gold are also nice.

pink feather

Thread the pipe cleaner through the seam. This is tricky. I have found the easiest way to do it is to give it to your husband to figure out. Today, my hubs was not around so I actually used a feather, (which is why they look a bit pink – it was a pink feather,) with a hole at the tip. I put the feather through the seam all the way through, hooked the pipe cleaner in the end, and pulled it out again. Voila! It’s still a bit tricky but about 3 hours faster vs trying to thread them through without a feather. (I’m sure a thick needle or crochet hook would work too.)

pipe cleaner though seam of lace

Next thread the wood bead onto the pipe cleaner, position, add the halo, (by making a small loop,) and trim the excess pipe cleaner. Then trim and twist the other end around ‘neck’ area. You can make the body as long or little as you want – depending on how big you want it and how ruffly. The more lace you use the more ruffly it will be.

wood bead goes on next

Tie some ribbon or twine around back of halo and you are all set! Lacy angels with eclecticSoapbox

I hope you try this out. They are so sweet and I haven’t seen them anywhere else. Have a great Christmas and remember to keep it eclectic! 


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