Ladybug Ladybug Fly Away Home

Your house is one fire, your children are alone….

It seems to be that time of the year when I’m spotting Ladybugs everywhere. I saw a toddler with Ladybug boots on today and decided I needed to share with everyone. Here are the pictures of lady bugs I’ve collected very recently:

They say Ladybugs only eat aphids but this guys surely seemed to be enjoying this blueberry.

Having a snack on my blueberry.

I have this glass Ladybug attached to my screen door to warn people that it’s open. We’ve had one to many people march through the open door only to discover it isn’t open.

This guy is cute too

Today, I heard the sound of something smashing itself into my window and found a sad little ladybug trying to get outside. He would fly into the ‘clouds’, hit the window, flutter his wings to flip off his back and fly right back into the window again. I felt sorry for him and managed to get him outside without that stinky ladybug smell getting on my hands.

I just love this picture I took of him on a pumpkin. What a cooperative model.


This one says “Orange is the new Orange.”

In February, this live, walking and talking Ladybug was in my bathroom while it was -9ºC outside. Burrrrr. He was sassy.

Thing 2 and I went to the beach in Port Hope, Ontario, hoping to see the Monarch Butterflies on the beach getting ready to travel across Lake Ontario for their annual southern pilgrimage.

We missed the butterflies but came across piles of ladybugs all along the shoreline – as if they’d been washed up on the beach. I wonder where they came from?

I looked up some interesting facts on Ladybugs so I would understand why they are trying to infest my house. Turns out it’s something to do with that part of the house having a southwestern exposure. Interesting.

They even have their own Facebook page! Here.

Check out this page for more info and remember to have an eclectic day!

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