Lake Ontario You Rule Me

Wide shot of Lake Ontario

Have you ever felt drawn to something? A physical thing? Something you can’t understand but accept?  I feel that with our lake. I’ve lived near Lake Ontario’s shores my whole life. Playing, sitting, swimming, sunning, walking, snapping pics, throwing rocks… So many options.

With my first pregnancy I spent much time just watching it. It soothed my aches and slowed my racing mind. For me it is like coming home. I’ve been around many other seas, oceans and lakes of the world but this one lures me the strongest.

I enjoy being near large bodies of water – Every drop is precious. (I think I was a barnacle in another life.)

I never knew until today that Ontara in Iroquois means “lake,” and Ontario, “beautiful lake.” Indeed it is a beautiful province, with many alluring lakes.

Some lake facts:



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