Leaf’s Fan Fest

Recently we attended Fan Fest for the Toronto Maple Leafs at the Air Canada Centre. This was our first time going so we weren’t sure what to expect. It is an event open to anyone as long as you sign up for tickets.

Every fan was allowed to get a signature of an ex-Leaf player, Al Iafraiti. When we first arrived we had to wait in a LONG LINE to get this one: fanday1

We managed to be at the end of the line but we made it. It was held in the Raptor’s practice court room which was kind of interesting. The floor was so shiny and there were security guards there to make sure we didn’t step off the mats.


After that we went to get a foot long hotdog wrapped in bacon and some free personalized Cokes. This was fun – there was a machine that put names on the cans. fanday

We saw a couple of  new statues added to the collection Matts Sundin and Borje Salming.


As we wandered around debating if we wanted to go into another lineup to see the changeroom, a lady approached us and gave us two more bracelets to another autograph session. She said it was happening right then and wouldn’t tell us who it was. We raced off and were very happy to meet and chat with none other than the Captain of the Leaf’s Dion Phaneuf. He was such a nice person. He signed our stuff and posed with us in the crappy lighting and we were off again.


We stayed a bit longer trying to track down the friends who got us the tickets. On our way out we won tickets to a pre-season game, and a Marlies game. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning. There were lots of other things to do there and younger Leaf fans would really enjoy it.

If you want to get tickets next year just keep your eyes on the Leaf’s Nation site here and sign up to be a member of Leafs Nation.

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