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I’ve been thinking a lot about my financial future lately – usually between 2 – 4 am. It’s just a thing I do occasionally. Most days actually. Well ok if I’m being completely honest, all days. Things have gotten – difficult – lately.

An opportunity to discuss how I feel about my financial readiness for the future has come up. So here goes.

5 years ago Hubs was laid off from a job he’d had for 15 years since graduating. I’d been employed full time up until we decided I’d stay home to raise Things 1 and 2. Then I went back to school 3 years ago and Hubs was laid off from another company. It was a tough decision to stay in school at that point but we decided I would.

Finding permanent, full time work isn’t the same now as it was 25 years ago when I began my career. Back then I was such a keen, assertive, workaholic and I glided into my first real job straight from college like a duck onto a still pond. Smooth, easy and made for each other. Duck on Pond

Our ‘family’ financial goals when we married were – house, cottage, retire at 50. ( This was including all the R’s – RESP, RRSP etc. )

My plans had been pretty clear – education, job, marriage, house, babies. Then I was suppose to go back to work. For many reasons I ended up staying home and while that was a big shock at first, it was the right thing to do at the time. Family Picture

Then life happened “for reals”.

It is clear to me now that my goals should have been more specific after I had reached the ‘babies’ part. At that point we stepped off the path we had originally chosen for a different route.

We should have figured out a new plan to meet our new life goals that involved existing off of one income.

It’s always the same script around here now. “The in-come must be greater than the out-go.” Yeah that is a good guideline – in theory. Sometimes though reality doesn’t quite work that way.

So now what? I recently completed an online survey with Manulife to see if what I suspected lines up to what the pros think of my situation.

28% of Canadians are financially ready.  Click here and you can check out how you stack up: Quiz Button

My results show that even though I feel we are in a bad place financially, it could be worse. There is definitely room for improvement. Apparently we rank with 45% of Canadians who are in similar financial situations. Results

Do you see the ” LEARN MORE ” link? There are tips to give you ideas on how to help improve things. I am a visual person and this image makes a lot more sense to me than just numbers on a page. The Manulife website is full of all sorts of helpful resources.

Sometimes pausing to take a quiz can get you focused on the things you need to be considering for the future. Do I feel ready to face an emergency in our family? Not right now I don’t. Will I soon? You better believe it.

Want to party?

There is a Twitter party on October 28th at 9pm called the #LifeReady Manulife Twitter Party. Manulife will be discussing solutions to help you be ready for your future. Plus you could win one of the prizes they are giving away –  over $2500 in cash to get your #LifeReady!  Click here to RSVP at Common Cents Mom for the chat and hurry since it’s coming up soon!


This post is all about my situation and opinions and is sponsored by 360ACCESS on behalf of Manulife. Pinterest Cover

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