I just sat and stared into my husband’s eyes for 4 whole minutes. It was worth the look.

I was surprised that I went through a range of feelings from being uncomfortable, happy, sad, bored, laughing, crying, strange. How bizarre that was. 

I thought how handsome he was, how serious looking, this man who usually can’t sit still for that long. I was embarrassed that I was crying. I wondered how much longer we had to go. It felt like forever. I wanted to hold his hand. I marvelled that his eyes were able to hold mine for so long.

I wanted to talk about our plans for the week, and the banking and our daughter’s math test. I wanted to check the timer. I wanted to let the dog out and go sort the laundry.  

I thought about how I used to stare at him for long periods when we were first together, always thinking there was so much depth and mystery in his deep brown eyes. 

After being together for 25 years we don’t really look at each other very much anymore.

When the timer went off I was surprised it was over so fast. And oddly disappointed.

It had felt like so long while we were doing it. 

I had enjoyed having all of his attention.

I’ve read about these social experiments where strangers sit across from each other and look at each other for a set amount of time. Apparently they feel like they know the other person at the end. 

What did my husband think of this? He said it was interesting. He thought it was a game. He wondered if I was crying or was it from trying not to blink? He wondered about the time too.

Have you tried this before? I think you should and maybe you will be surprised like I was. 

This is a link to one of the many articles about this social experiment. Check it out!


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