I have something really cool to share with you today if you have a WordPress site. By now, you may have noticed that it’s snowing in my part of the web world. Want to know how I did that? Well I’m happy to tell you my secret! (And it doesn’t matter what theme you are using!)




The weather report says snow expected in WordPress land until January 4th, 2015!



How cool is that!?

If you don’t see the box to check to add snow, there are many other ways to ‘get your flake on’. Go into the plugins tab, add new, in the search box type snow. Many options will come up including:

WP Super Snow (Falling Snow, Customizable)

Tribulant Snow Storm

Improved Let It Snow!

Snow Flurry

Snow My WP

Simply Snow

WFS Let It Snow

Snow Storm

3D Snow

WP Snowfall

Or for the fancier options:

Snow, balloons and more

Merry Christmas Everyone!
The instructions are usually included in the ‘more details’ click option under the title when you are in the add plugins page. Find one you like and try it!

Have fun with it! And don’t panic everything comes with an off button. 🙂


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