This post was written by Thing 2. She has quite a way with words, and has spent a considerable amount of time perfecting makeup application techniques to accentuate her features. As well, she spends a considerable amount of time counselling people from all over about feeling good about themselves. I am very proud of her.



Makeup isn’t something that needs to be worn to be a beautiful person. To be beautiful, you just need to be. Everyone is born beautiful, and nobody should have to wear makeup or wear certain clothes to feel good about themselves. The fact of the matter is that many people still think this way. Cosmetics and beauty products are sold everywhere, along with the new hip clothing trends and styles.

image2Something that people often overlook is that not everyone who wears makeup wears it to fit in, or feel prettier. Some people just enjoy expressing themselves in a beautiful way. This is how I see it. Sure, I feel prettier when I wear makeup, but that’s just because I’m proud at how my makeup turned out. I find joy in doing my makeup, and others, because I’m expressing my mood and showing off a talent that I take pride in.

When I was younger I used to sneak into my mums makeup bag, make myself look ridiculous and clown like, then feel like the best makeup artist in the world. Looking back on it now, I cringe at how much blue I used on my eyelids. Even today, looking back only a few years I question what I was thinking. Who knows, I might look back in a few years and say the exact same thing, and cringe just as hard. Something that I’ve realized, though, is that I don’t care.

Sure I look back at when I plastered blue from my eyebrows to my eyelashes, but it’s learning from that that got me to where I am today. Even though I looked silly to other people, I had fun doing it, and I was confident about what I did and that’s an important part in any task.

I receive compliments everyday on my makeup now. People admiring my use of eye shadow colour, complimenting my perfect winged eyeliner, how nice I look with blush on.

People seem to also enjoy how confident I am when I’m strutting around with bold colours, or dark eye shadows. I’ve found that it doesn’t matter what you wear, you just need to be confident and people will sense it, and notice you as a beautiful human being. I’m not saying you need makeup to be confident, or that you shouldn’t wear makeup. I’m saying that you should do what you want with yourself no matter what people think.

Wear what you want, express yourself and be confident. Be the beautiful person you were born to be.

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