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Mushrooms – one of nature’s most versatile treasures! You can use them on their own or to enhance other flavours. I love these fun fungi and add them everywhere. When Mushrooms Canada asked me if I had any good recipes my mouth started watering thinking of the possibilities. I decided for the first recipe that crostinis would be a good one to start with since there are so many combinations that are easy and work well. Seriously you can take whatever you have in your kitchen, toss it in the frying pan and add it to your toasted bread. Taadaa! Easy peasy too.

You can use olive oil or butter when preparing the bread – it depends on what you feel like. I usually crave butter and find this recipe to be a particularly effective butter delivery system.

When choosing what you are going to use, think about how the flavours will blend and what will stand out such as a little bit of sweet, crisp apple with savoury onion surrounded by the addictive aroma of buttery garlic bread. 

There are many combinations that I go to on a regular basis and this one is tops:

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Baguette (day old preferably)
2 cloves garlic
1/2 cup butter + 1 tablespoon for pan
2 cups of your favourite fresh Ontario mushrooms diced small
1 onion diced small
Salt and pepper
Soft goat or cow’s cheese
Chopped up green olives (optional)
Thin sliced apple slices
Chives snipped into little pieces


Slice baguette thin on diagonal; chop the garlic into tiny pieces or mash it; melt 1/2 cup butter. Mix butter and garlic – let sit for at least an hour then brush on bread slices. Brush one side lightly and broil for a few minutes on high then flip them over, and get all the garlic bits spread out on the toast with the remaining butter mixture.Toast bread again for a few more minutes to make sure the bread is not soggy. Please watch your bread as it can burn in seconds! When done take out of oven and put aside.

Mushroom Mixture:
Melt butter in pan on medium adding onion, basil, some salt and pepper. Add mushrooms when onions start to look transparent. (A few minutes.) I want my onions cooked a bit more to bring out the sweetness. Stir a few times for about five more minutes until the mushrooms look cooked. Salt and pepper as desired.

Spread a thin layer of cheese on the bread, add some onion mixture, sprinkle a few pieces of chopped olive, then apple slices and chives.

mushrooms crostini with different toppings

Garlic butter, cheese, final toppings.

I hope you enjoy this recipe and experiment with different types of mushrooms. In these photos I used brown mushrooms but you can use any others. We are fortunate that here in Ontario we can get a variety of mushrooms year-round from local suppliers and in all grocery store chains. 

Stay tuned for more mushroom recipes and feel free to share your favourites in the comments below!

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Thanks to Mushrooms Canada for inviting me to share this yummy recipe and sponsoring this post – check out their website for many more great recipes to try out. 


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