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Girls Weekend

When you are a parent working your ass off to keep your sanity in check, your kids alive, and your world moving along you tend to need to force the issue of chilling out. It’s important to get away and breathe different air around different people once in a while.

Recently a few friends and I decided to get away from our kids. We needed a little help justifying it so we called it work and are spreading the word about some amazing adventures you can take with your pals. Follow along with us at #MomsUnpluggedCa beginning with a trip to one of my favourite cities – in my opinion the undervalued treasure known as Kingston, Ontario. group

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know this town a little bit over the last year as my son has become a student at Queen’s University. (#QueensUmum) When we pick up or deliver our child, we try to spend some time checking out his new stomping grounds. We live approximately 2 hours away and it’s tiring to make two trips in one day so we will usually spend the night. What a great reason for an adventure!

On this occasion though, it wasn’t so much about ‘the kid’ as it was about ‘the girls’. 

To begin with our hotel rooms were gorgeous!

We stayed at The Delta Waterfront Kingston. I like to take a picture of my room when I first arrive so I can remember how nice it was before I’ve unpacked. This is what we saw here: room

It had a spacious, well lit bathroom with soaps, lotions and shampoo that smelled like a spring garden. Big fluffy towels, comfy beds and chairs, a large and ingenious wardrobe, lots of space to put your clothes and a desk console with any device adaptor you could think of. Oh and the best part? Every room has a lake view. This was ours: waterfront

What a blast!

We wined and dined our way through what I was informed by our Haunted Walk guide, is one of Canada’s most haunted cities. As a matter of fact, it was pretty spooky on that walk, as we heard about the different areas of spiritual intrigue and mischievousness. 

At one point we were listening to the guide tell us about some local history and my phone captured the image below. I didn’t intentionally take it. The guide was just telling us that it was suspected that there were 800 – 1000 bodies still buried in the park where we were standing. Creepy! spooky

So delicious

The walk was welcomed after we’d enjoyed lunch at Dianna’s Fish Shack and Smokehouse. This place had plenty of character and style. The menu was diverse and the food was delicious. You will have to click the link in the restaurant’s name above to see their whole menu. Dianna's

There is something in Kingston to please everyone’s taste buds. With so many amazing places to eat in this city you can’t go wrong and we’ve officially declared it to be “Gluten Free Friendly.” All the restaurants we visited had knowledgable staff about gluten free options. Apparently a rare experience for one in our group who has Celiacs Disease. 

For dinner we pulled out all the stops to enjoy a very fancy and decadent affair at Aqua Terra, in our hotel. This restaurant was definitely one of the nicest I’ve been to with very unique menu offerings that are changed every two weeks. The lighting was soft and the atmosphere calm. I’d like to bring all my girlfriends back here on many more occasions. Yes it was that good! Aqua Terra Beet Salad

Beet Salad

My favourite dish was the Beet Salad. It looked so pretty and was consisted of candy and golden beets, goat cheese mousse, baby watercress, black olive tuille, and sunflower oil.

My other favourite dish was the dessert – Lemon Mousse with white chocolate biscuit, lemon curd, marshmallow and fresh berries. This was ridiculously delicious. I must insist you click on the link to so you can drool over their current menu. Aqua Terra

Lemon Mousse

Our last lunch was in a tapas restaurant called TangoNuevo. Tapas are lovely little plates of food made with great attention to detail and presented artfully. We ordered a number of items from their extensive menu and enjoyed a feast of flavours.

The decor was relaxed and stylish with experienced and knowledgeable staff there to assist us with our decision making. My favourite dish, and it was hard to choose, was the Otantik Köfte which was grilled, spiced meatballs, chickpeas and cilantro lime coulis on grilled flatbread. So yummy! (Top row, middle.) TangoNuevo


Did you say spa?

We also managed to fit in a spa visit on our trip – what kind of a girls weekend would it be if we hadn’t? We split into two groups to get pedicures at two of Kingston’s top spas. Selena and I went to Serenity Day Spa. This place has pretty much everything you could ever want out of a spa. As we were pampered and polished, we enjoyed a glass of wine. Serenity Spa

I was told it’s a popular meeting place for friends from out of town to meet up at. And I have to remember to tell my son that this spa offers a student discount too. 

Magnificent Kingston

On our last day we wandered around downtown Kingston enjoying FebFest, the beautiful sunny day, the shops and art scattered all around. There was maple candy, ice sculptures, a huge free skating rink, horse drawn carriage rides, BeaverTails and people Polar Plunging in lake Ontario.

We discovered stores with eclectic jewelry, unique crafts, fresh baked breads and pastries, candies, prayer beads, alternative health treatments, collectible books and so much more. And that was only a brief look around.  

There are so many interesting things to see in Kingston, you never know what you’ll find in the alleyways behind the shops. One day I want to find out why you can find so much art in such interesting places. We saw, among other things, giant metal grasshoppers on walls, metal coated clothing hanging from clothes lines, and sparkly balls up in trees. Curiouser and curiouser. We didn’t even make it to the walk along the waterfront where large pieces a scattered here and there. 

A very enjoyable girl’s getaway that I hope to be able to repeat again. Pinterest

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