Moving Ants


Here is something I like to repost every year at this time right before these pests get themselves estasblished. 

The Ant War

We tried building a raised garden bed for herbs and vegetables but after several years of the ant kingdom battles, we surrendered. I drew the line when it came to them getting in my house.

The first thing we had was sugar ants coming in around the frame of the kitchen window. These are tiny, annoying and organized little creatures.

I spent a small fortune on every spray, powder and trap I could find. Nothing worked. Then in an act of desperation I put vaseline around the window frame. That actually worked and they went away.

I’ve finessed this trick over the years so you can’t even see it. 

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The parade started coming in through our second level sliding doors. Again I tried so many things to keep these little buggers out. Nothing worked. In that case we ended up replacing our sliding doors. Not a cheap solution but it worked.

The last two years our battle has moved inside around the front door frame. Streams of these little OCD soldiers were getting in again and before long they seemed to be everywhere. 

I tried vaseline around the trim but it did nothing – they kept finding a way in. Ant poison, traps and the like came out again. Using the poison made me very nervous as we have two small dogs. 

The Ultimate Weapon

After scouring the internet I found the perfect solution – cinnamon. Not only is it environmentally friendly but it smells great! I sprinkled the powder as close to the floorboards as possible and swept it under. It’s not exactly attractive to have brown powder all over your floor – especially at the front entrance. But if you miss even a centimetre, they will find it. 

This year the ants have taken up residence in our driveway. We have a concrete bib at the top of it and they live in the crack between it and the asphalt. 

Ants aplenty

They are piled rows deep here – no idea what that’s about.

Or at least they did. I took this video early in the evening recently…

The next day.

cinnamon gets rid of them

As you can see it is a very effective deterrent. Apparently the ant creatures don’t like the smell of Cinnamon. It confuses their ability to tell their fellow ants where the food is so they move on. You do have to reapply it after a rain storm.

The overall goal is to make sure they move away – far, far away. I figure in a few more years they’ll have left my property all together. In the meantime, I’m keeping my Costco membership for those big containers of cinnamon!

lots of cinnamon - but not more ants

Good luck with your battles. If you know of any other good tricks please tell me what they are in the comments. I suspect this will be an ongoing thing. 

Have an eclectic day!

( Disclaimer – no ants were actually harmed in the making of this video or blog post – they were just encouraged to move. )

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