Moving in day…AKA the BIG LEAP

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This was the day I had been dreading for months. The day my first born – Thing 1, moved out of our home to go to school for four years. Guess what? I survived. But it has taken me two weeks to sit down and write about it. The first week I still felt too fragile. Nothing was right when I woke up in the morning after Thing 1 moved out. I couldn’t hear his snoring, see his long form buried under a mountain of covers, or smell his scent. Even though his room is down the hall from ours, I always knew when he was home.

Yes I know I am being a big baby about Thing 1 moving away to go to school. But you see, I really worked hard on getting him to be the person he is today. We all did. What’s the point of spending all that time helping him become an interesting and pleasant person if he’s only going to leave? All that hard work….

OK fine. This is  how things went down:

Heading to Kingston

Move in day was scheduled to be Sunday between noon and 4pm. We decided to head out to Kingston on Saturday so we could be fresh on campus the next day. We stayed at the most recommended and largest hotel in Kingston The Ambassador. Our room – suite actually, was amazing. We had a living room area with a kitchenette and powder room. In the bedroom was a kingsized bed and full bathroom. There was a soaker tub, shower stall, long double sink counter and a bidet.

Chocolates on this gorgeous bed!

When we first drove into the parking lot it was apparent that our idea was not unique. Vans, cars and pick up trucks packed with student stuff. It turns out that all of the 245 rooms in the hotel were booked. More than 10,000 students moved into residence rooms on Sunday. I think many of them stayed at this hotel.

We actually managed to add a mini fridge to this pile that we bought while at the hotel!

Considering how packed The Ambassador was, I was pleasantly surprised at how lovely all the staff we met were. Smiles, no rushing, organized and helpful people. From the receptionists to the maintenance worker who delivered our fold away bed before we even got our bags up to the room. I believe these employees deserve my highest accolade – that they went ‘Above and Beyond’ to make sure our stay was perfect.

This hotel has a great water park area too and it looked like the people in it were having lots of fun. Water slides, spraying things, hot tubs and pools. I also noticed a play room with craft, colouring and game playing options.

Sunday morning we headed to Queen’s University.

It was actually like this the entire day, we just sat in it for hours.

We were so excited to see Thing 1’s new TEMPORARY home. (Had to keep reminding myself of that.) We decided to park, check out the situation first hand, then bring the van back. He found out his room number at the front desk and off we went…

First time going in to the room.

I have before and after pictures that I’ll share in another post. Now he’s moved in and he has everything he needs. He will be ok. He will be ok. I’m not sure why this has been such a hard transition for me. It sure was easier for him. I guess it feels like for the last 18 years I’ve had this job and now my job is redundant. Mostly – I have Thing 2 to keep me busy still luckily, although I feel like I’m having trouble finding a purpose now. I guess it’s like when someone hops off a boat, the remaining people have to adjust to find balance again. I’m still looking, and counting the days until Thanksgiving.

My son is an amazing person. Now the rest of the world has a chance to see this.

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