Mum’s Sausage Tomato Casserole

This recipe was taught to me by my mum. I have very early recollections of her preparing the layers, peppering each one as she made it and the delicious smells that steadily grew. This is one of my favourite meals.

You will need:

( All the amounts depend on what you like best. This list will tell you the minimum you need. )

1 pack breakfast sausages, ( or whatever flavour you love, );

Can of diced tomatoes – drained;

1 Large onion;

Green beans drained – canned, or frozen – canned works best due to the consistency;

Potatoes to make enough mash to cover everything across the top of the casserole dish you are using, and as deep as you like;

Here is how I do it:

  1. Chop, boil and mash potatoes as you like – I put less milk in so they are a bit dryer than usual;
  2. Chop up sausages and fry;
  3. Chop onions into little pieces. Put in casserole dish, add lots of butter and fresh pepper then microwave until onions cooked;
  4. Add sausages to casserole;
  5. Add tomatoes on top of sausage;
  6. Add green beans on top of tomatoes;
  7. Add mashed potatoes, then you can sprinkle parmesan or other cheese on top if you want but it’s really good even without;
  8. Bake in oven at 350ºc until all the flavours have mixed together and if you want, broil for a few minutes at end to crisp up the top. ( Approximately 30 minutes. )

Then you eat it and LOVE it!  I like to make two at a time so I can put one in the freezer. It’s really so delicious.

Thanks mum!!


Delicious Sausage Tomato Casserole





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