Name that Tune in Three Notes

I was asked to pick the three most important songs in my life – I find it very challenging to pick only three. Music has always helped me define my feelings be it sadness, joy, grief, love… Sometimes it’s a matter of searching for just the right track. Other times the music comes to me as if by magic and finds that exact right feeling when I least expect it. Name that tune…

It depends on the situation really. When I was 20, my retinas detached. I ended up having two different types of surgery on my eyes to fix them. (Whew see how I just stuck that in there and my hands didn’t even shake?) One operation was very risky and the outcome not guaranteed. It wasn’t until the bandages came off a few days after surgery that I knew if I would be able to see. What a scary time that was. I remember at first seeing only black as the bandaids came off and I thought that I was blind – then slowly the light came in.

The first song that I heard after this was “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. Everything looked so bright and wonderful after that. The trees were so green, the roses so red and the bluest of skies still remained in my world.

My first “adult” relationship lasted six years and ended on a very low note. U2 was there to help me figure it all out with their new release at the time “One.”  ‘Nuff said.

My soulmate and I danced to “It Had to be You” by Frank Sinatra at our wedding. To us it represented finally finding each other after looking so long. It said that we accepted each other faults and all. 

During my first pregnancy I felt the need to be “Super Incubator Mum” and I did everything by the book. So of course that meant I needed music. The song that latched it’s notes around my heart was “The Mummer’s Dance” by Loreena McKennitt. I danced and twirled and sang the heck out of that song for the entire nine months and 3 weeks – and yes baby boy knew it as we twirled around after he was born. (I could tell.) And twirled, and twirled… (As an aside, I just asked Thing 1 if he remembered the song. He said no but then after the first couple of notes of the song he started smiling. Some things you never forget.)

For my second pregnancy, baby girl’s song of those ten months ‘on the inside’ was Bette Midler’s “I’m Beautiful!” I raised both my kids to believe they are beautiful inside (and only let them use one swear word thanks to that song.) Thing 2 is a tough little monkey and this song was the incantation for that. I wanted her to be independent, be her own best advocate and not let other people’s opinions matter above her own. Name that tune

My life took a very different turn 3 years ago. I decided to re-invent myself as a Web Designer. To make it legit I went back to school to get a diploma proving I now know what I didn’t know before. It was a huge transition from stay at home mum to ‘mature’ student. There were ups and downs. Many challenges led to many downs. It’s always darkest before the dawn right? Eminem struck the right chord during that time with “Beautiful”. Name that tune

This answer has proven to be very revealing and that’s not to say these are the only songs that have inspired me. Sometimes the songs are like the steps to get from one day to the next. I’ve become my Grandma who use to drive me bonkers randomly singing lines from songs during regular discussions. You know what I mean? Name that tune

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