Old World Traditional Meets Modern Christmas Décor

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Rosita at a marketing company this year. We collaborated on content and layout for websites for small businesses. It is was a great opportunity to find out how resourceful, creative and knowledgeable she is in many areas.

Rosita runs a company called: All in Place Communications and Creative Design.

Thanks for your contribution Rosita. I was excited to have her prepare a post for eclecticSoapbox.com today.

“Whatever your marketing needs, count on us to put it All in Place!”


Old World Traditional meets Modern Christmas Décor

By: Rosita Carobelli-Zukowski
All in Place Communications and Creative Design
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
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Thank you Carin for having me as a guest on your Blog this month!

I love to decorate for a living …. so when it comes to decorating our home for Christmas, this gives me a chance to make it my very own. Christmas is a very special time. Each year, I love un-wrapping my nativity figures passed on from my mother and grandmother. Explaining the significance of each one to my young son.


Decorating my fireplace mantel with old world charm and tradition to set the nativity scene alongside my nutcracker collection from over the years. (I added the pretty silver and blue ones this year from the dollar store!!) I’ve personalized our stockings for each one of us for Ol’ Saint Nick to fill when he visits on Christmas Eve. Not to confuse any of us with others who may be on his naughty list…..just sayin’.


I recently bought more shatter-proof ornament balls to fill in my floor lantern stands. Decided to go with the red/green/gold combination to complement my other gold décor touches.

And I don’t forget about the exterior décor either. I’ve been hanging my very own DIY wreath on our front door for years now. I learned a few tips or two on wreath making while I worked as a student at White Rose Crafts (remember that store?!). Fond memories made.

Wishing you and yours a very blessed Merry Christmas! Best wishes for 2015!

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