Here is the COOLEST app I have found this season – One Day (Click on it’s name at any time to be taken to a page that has more info.)

By the way – IT’S FREE!

I have been playing around with this for a few weeks and over a dozen friends and family have hopped on the One Day bandwagon now. It is so addictive. Since I started using it there have been all sorts of new themes added. Here is an early example of how it looked – before I got good. (Which would have been after the first one lol):

This is so cool you can even get family and friends from far away to do a video – like my Mother-in-law who is on Skype in this video:

Granny’s Favourite Christmas Things

Basically you trap a subject, or bribe them with visions of stardom, ask them the questions that are provided, press record and then make a story. It is so straight forward! The app adds the music, words and video transitions. Just like a pro would!

Here is one with some more teens and questions about Santa with a distinctly different Christmas scent:

Three Teens and Their Knowledge

Even the dogs got in on the action:

Pooches with Opinions

You can post it on Facebook, or email it to a friend. You can even open up an account on the internet where all your videos can be stored.

I’ve made so many of these videos already. I can’t wait to see my little nieces and nephews at Christmas to get some really cute videos. I hope you all download this app and get some too. Oh and remember – it’s FREE!

BONUS! If you would like to enter a contest to win $150 Visa Gift Card, follow the instructions below. Everyone could use this right about now – to buy more props for your videos of course! (Or pay off the actors!)

Thanks for reading my blog.

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