Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Last December I had the pleasure of working with a new app (OneDay) to discover just how truly wonderful it is. Since then I have made videos with pretty much every person I come into contact with. (Including my mother in law over Skype!)

Some are pretty awesome and I share them. Others? Well let’s just say the payments to not post them are due weekly. (Bwahaha!)

Now I know many of you have told me how excited you are about this whole idea and the app itself but have not been able to completely take advantage of it due to its’ “IOS” nature. I’m so sorry that everyone isn’t using an iPhone, iPad or iPod. That would make life so much easier wouldn’t it?


I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT…MENT…ment…     ( That’s echo sound effects in web land 😉 )

It’s available for all the Android people now – hurrah! No reason to be sad anymore. Join in on the fun by clicking Android or IOS from your device to download and fall in love with this app!

990x450_OneDay_Blog_Now_Available (1)

To help refresh your memory, here is my original post for this cool little movie making app.

And new today you will find a special re-appearance from internet sensation Thing 2!

I would love to see everyone’s video links in the comments below. Have fun!

NB: This was a sponsored post meaning I am being paid to make this announcement. Just so you know… I love this app and would have done it for free! (As you can tell by all the movies I’ve posted in various social media spaces.)


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