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If you are thinking about places to go this summer with your significant other, please allow me to suggest one of my favourite parts of the Muskoka Region in Whitney, Ontario:  

The Scenario

We had a crazy insane summer. My husband had two jobs, I had two jobs, both our kids had a job each. Very different schedules and hours with no public transportation and only two cars that both ended up dying half way through the summer.

To say it was stressful would be a terrific understatement.

I love my husband and having been with him for 24 years at that point it was pretty obvious that I like him too. But things had been alternately strained and toxic between us then. We needed to reconnect away from kids, cars and jobs.

Our Solution

I’d heard about the Couples Resort in Whitney, Ontario and when we were invited up for a mid week mini vacation, it seemed like the perfect idea. Muskoka Getaway

And oh wow was it ever!

We had the best 3 days we’ve had in a long time. Let me tell you all about it…

Muskoka Getawaya hanging basket

It would have taken us less than 3 hours to drive directly to the resort but you can’t just go from A to B in the Muskoka area. There are too many beautiful sights to see and places to explore along the way. Muskoka Getaway

By the time we arrived at the Couples Resort we were completely enchanted by all the beauty and majesty around us. As you can imagine, I had a camera full of images from the drive. My Instagram account is going to be happy for the next few months as I share them.

flowermosaic at our Muskoka Getaway Couples Resort

On to ‘Paradise’

Our room was a junior suite with a wood burning fireplace in it, a king sized bed, a bathtub Jacuzzi in the room, a hot tub on the balcony overlooking the lake, and a double shower in the bathroom. There were many homey and considerate details – they even thought of a bottle opener. How many times have you gone away and realized you didn’t have one of those in your room? Netflix, wifi, lounge chairs on the private balcony… Oh my. 

balcony at our Muskoka Getaway Couples Resort

What a great place to post some Facebook pictures!

All rooms face the lake at Couples Resort and what a beautiful view it is. In the morning you can see the mist on the water and at night the moon reflected on the glassy surface with the water calm and still. 

firepit at our Muskoka Getaway Couples Resort

After dinner we went down to the lake and sat by the fires surrounded by cozy couches. We cuddled on the comfy couch watching the moon shimmering across the waves, the reflection nearly touching us on the shore.

With the crackling wood, clear sky, and night sounds I could have fallen asleep right there. It was relaxing to not have to worry about the dogs, the kids or anything else. No tv or computers was also a terrific bonus – certainly something we are not used to these days. Muskoka Getaway

The second night we took a warm cozy dip in our balcony hot tub. So decadent! The shadows from the fire pit danced on the trees in front of our balcony. Wine, candles, and bubbles.

Happy Bellies 

The food at this inclusive resort is incredible. Dinner is a formal affair if you go to the dining room making everyone behave with good manners and consideration for their dining partner. With a ‘no cellphones’ allowed rule, you don’t have to compete for your partner’s attention with the outside world. You also have the option of a more secluded dinner or breakfast in your room. (Sneaking in a quick look at breakfast!)

breakfastday2 at our Muskoka Getaway Couples Resort

There is a regular dinner menu with many options for each course and a feature menu with specials that change daily. Everyone will find something to order including people with special dietary considerations.

The Surprises

I don’t want to ruin the surprise for you by giving away too many details but I will give you a peek into what we enjoyed at one of our meals…

You will be spoiled by Executive Chef Ronnie Coppens starting off the five course meal with an amuse bouche created specially for you. My husband had a shrimp cocktail and I had a wafer cup with bocconcini cheese, cherry tomato, fresh basil, lemon zest, and balsamic drizzle. They were delicious and our mouths were very amused and looking forward with excitement to the rest of the courses.

amuse bouche at our Muskoka Getaway Couples Resort

Because I don’t eat seafood they prepared a separate taste for me.

Fresh baked bread accompanied the featured maple roasted sweet potato and butternut squash soup we chose as our first appetizers. For our second appetizer (yes you get two!) Paul had the warm candy cane and golden beets salad and I had a heavenly baked brie enveloped in a delicate pastry drizzled with honey walnut sauce. (My mouth is watering as I am typing this it was that good.)

appetizers at our Muskoka Getaway Couples Resort

For our main course I picked the chicken supreme with dauphinoise potato, asparagus, creamy basil grainy Dijon sauce and Paul had the angus rib eye steak with double smoked bacon confit potato, steamed broccoli and dark ale sauce.

My chicken was perfectly prepared and the combination of the sauce with the dauphinoise potato made my mouth water from the first bite to the last. It was savoury, perfectly prepared and absolutely wonderful.

main course at our Muskoka Getaway Couples Resort

And did you notice the size of these portions? I could not finish and my husband, in a very rare moment, almost didn’t finish his steak. So much deliciousness!

Big Finish

We could have gone with a fruit and cheese plate and even brought it back to our room but we decided on the blueberry avocado cheesecake and the bumbleberry crumble. I was a little nervous about trying this combination for the cheesecake but let me assure you, it was super delicious and ‘cheese-cakey’. The avocado simply gave it a lighter density than a plain cheesecake. Muskoka Getaway

dessert at our Muskoka Getaway Couples Resort

Did you notice my pictures becoming progressively darker? That’s because we were sitting by a window that overlooked the lake. It was the perfect spot and the candles created an intimate, special area for us to dine. We felt our table was quite private and the music charming. During dinner our second night there was even a live musician. 

obligatory dining shot lol at our Muskoka Getaway Couples Resort

You can bring your own wine to dinner but the wine sommelier was also very helpful at recommending something from the resort’s well stocked wine cellar. He picked out the perfect wine to accent our different meals. 

Things to do away from your room

As tempting as it was to cocoon ourselves in our cozy suite, we wanted to make sure we tried out as many things as were available in other areas of the resort. We enjoyed canoeing, paddle boating, wandering through the hiking trails, and exploring the resort property itself. Also available seasonally are kayaks, SUP, and motor boats. 

paddleboat at our Muskoka Getaway Couples Resort

I loved wandering through the gardens where many of the vegetables for the meals came from as well as exploring the art studio for resident artist Gertrude Sorensen. The flowers and plants around this resort took my breath away. I think I could stay there for a month and see something new every day.

Artist studio at our Muskoka Getaway Couples Resort

We went off site one afternoon to meet up with the owner of the Adventure Stables  Allison Etmanski. You can book a horse back ride with Allison over the lovely trails close to the resort. She has so much knowledge and patience for these gentle animals – and guests, regardless of your level of experience. In the winter, there is also dog sledding – something I highly recommend! 

horse at our Muskoka Getaway Couples Resort

We weren’t able to get to the spa but next time I hope to. We did spend time in the games room. This is one of my husband’s favourite places wherever we go. At the Couples Resort you will find a large variety of things to do including board games, pool, snooker, darts, foosball, a shuffleboard table, big comfy chairs to sit around and chat in. Muskoka Getaway

gamesroom at our Muskoka Getaway Couples Resort

Final Word

All in all a fantastic adventure. We absolutely loved our time up at the Couples Resort where we felt pampered and we hope to go back again another day. You will love the drive, the resort and the people working there who go above and beyond to make your stay spectacular. 

I have left so much out of this post – there just isn’t room to fit it all in. Make sure you check out their website here for all the details including the package specials, menus, and seasonal opportunities.  

Many thanks to the resort for inviting us up for that rejuvenating and bonding experience. It was the perfect Muskoka Getaway.

feetondock at our Muskoka Getaway Couples Resort

Disclaimer: We were invited to stay here by the resort in exchange for this blog post. All the opinions are our own and completely honest. The large numbers of Tweets, Instagram posts and Facebook shares were all my own idea and a testament to how much fun we had. 🙂

busy bee on our Muskoka Getaway

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