Peace of Mind on a Trampoline

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Every month I gather with a small group of female friends to get grounded and celebrate being a woman. It’s called a HER Women’s Circle, (Her Empowerment and Renewal) and for me, it is all about learning to become our true and authentic selves, inside and out. We confirm our strength as women, support each other, embrace our humanity and set our intentions. We have learned to trust each other in this special circle and share things here without judgement or the automatic reaction to jump in to try to solve someone’s problems. We listen. 

We celebrate new beginnings, explore our intuition and unite with women all over the world in seeking our deepest truths. It’s a global sisterhood where we fill each other with healing love. We give ourselves permission to release the negativity we may have brought and the invisible burdens of our daily lives. 

We meditate and laugh and explore our feelings. Sounds crazy right? It is!

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One such evening we were having dinner at a restaurant before going to the beach to have our circle outside under the new moon. Dinner was light hearted and as usual, full of laughter. So much so that I asked my friends to stop making me laugh or I was going to have an ‘accident’. I was surprised when all the women around me chimed in with similar comments about leaks caused by laughter. And coughing, sneezing, lifting heavy items or drinking alcohol. Who knew?  

I’ve never really thought too much about ‘leaks’ until the last few years myself and it surprised me that the youngsters in the crowd had similar concerns. These ladies range in age from the thirties to the sixties and are different shapes, sizes and levels of fitness. I always thought this was an issue limited to the pregnant, pre-menopausal or older crowds but I now know that isn’t the case. And I’m also surprised that this occurs in men too.


Since then, I’ve brought the topic up many times and have never had anyone react with embarrassment or shame. People are very open about this topic and they accept it as part of life. Have you ever mentioned to a group of women the idea of going to a trampoline club? I have and inevitably someone will say they couldn’t possibly hold their ‘bits and pieces’ in. This is what they mean. I’ve wanted to go for a long time but I’ve always been a little bit nervous. Since I’ve had kids I feel like certain things have changed including the strange number gravity does to your bladder when you are bouncing.

I wanted to write about this to start the conversation about bladder leaks and how it isn’t something to feel bad about. There are things you can do that will allow you to laugh, sneeze, cough and bounce in public without worrying that you’ll have wet spots on your clothes. It’s not any different than what we as women have gotten used to since hitting puberty with pads available in different sizes. (I found lots of good information here from TENA about bladder leakage and some great tips.) 

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If you are interested in starting your own women’s circle, or joining one, information can be found all over the internet if you search ‘HER Women’s Circle’ showing local groups and suggestions for running one. I never knew how supported I’d feel until I joined mine. It’s been just over a year now and I truly value sharing this time with women of other ages and life experiences. I feel like I belong to something much bigger than I am and it feels great – this group holds a ‘space’ for me. 

Best part of this discussion is that my friends have decided we now feel confident enough to head to a trampoline club and jump to our hearts content with peace of mind for all. 

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