Sometimes, you just have to make things more

interesting by adding a picture.

Here are few I had fun putting together:


This one was the result of our visit to the Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory. It is a favourite place for me. When we brought our kids along when the were young things, Thing 2 decided she was afraid of the lovely flutterers. This last time, she enjoyed it just as much as I did. So Keep Calm and marvel at the beauty in nature.


This admission is about my love of all things cheesie. Surely I am not alone here? You understand – I know you do.


It was a long winter last year. I didn’t think it was as bad as I kept hearing but maybe that is because I’ve had more experiences with winters than many people. Who knows. All I know is that sometimes, the sky can be so clear and the air so crisp that it takes my breath away .

(OK I know this is corny but I was IN LOVE with this man who was my SOUL MATE when I was 11. Didn’t he guest star on CHIPS at one point?)

Back to our regularly scheduled program…

I recently graduated from Web Development at Durham College. My program was the first go of the three year program being condensed into a two year. Things were pretty tense with our class – 60 started, 25 graduated. This postcard became deadly appropriate.


 Our furbaby Monty was very sick this spring. Before his first birthday something went terribly wrong in his little belly and he required major surgery. He recovered although he definitely has a sensitive system now that we need to tiptoe around.

 My favourite Bahaha!


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