Probiotics for a healthy gut

Today I’m going to share with you a little bit of information about probiotics. I’ve always been sensitive to smells – I love the smell of flowers, freshly laundered sheets and the back of my dog’s head. I don’t like the smells of the fish department in the grocery store, rotten potatoes or car exhaust. 

I can smell everything and it drives my family crazy. One day I noticed a rather unpleasant collection of odours wafting from different parts of me. I wasn’t sure if this was another one of those perimenopause ‘changes’ I keep hearing about. 

I tried many things to get rid of the odours including cleaning up more often and changing the fabric I wore but the smells didn’t go away. I decided I really didn’t like them. One day a friend suggested that my bacterial levels might be out of whack and that Probiotics might help. Nobody was more surprised than me that it actually worked! My flora was back to normal after only a few days and the smells disappeared completely. That was over a year ago.

Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria that grow naturally in our intestinal tract. If all is well these good bacteria help our immune system function properly and our ‘gut’ stays happy. If you take a round of antibiotics, you may need to take some probiotics to balance things again after.  


I’m pretty excited about this discovery – sure it’s been around for centuries but this is the first time I’ve tried something and had such specific and measurable results. If you follow my Instagram account, you know that I’ve been drinking Kombucha for the last 6 months or so too. I’m finally cluing in that some of these ancient remedies work for me.  

The only thing I wasn’t thrilled about was that these probiotics were in pill form that needed to be refrigerated. The reason I am telling you about this now is that I found “Go Packs” from Renew Life that contain the probiotics I take and they don’t require refrigeration. Yay! For more information about this product and it’s availability, click this link

Everyone has heard something about taking probiotics and other benefits may include less bloating after eating, clearer skin, and reduced fatigue. Your gut is a very big deal and if it’s not functioning properly you will not feel as well as you could. For more information, check out the Renew Life website here to learn how probiotics could help you. 

This is a sponsored post which means I was compensated for sharing my experiences about probiotics. These words are all mine, honest and based on my personal experiences. 


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