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Allure 2200W Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer


I received a hairdryer from Xtava to try out and review.

It arrived in a beautiful box with lots of fanfare. I was a little concerned the packaging was meant to be a distraction – you know, like how sometimes it is fun to wrap a little present up big and fancy to make it look better than it is? 

I’m happy to report this hairdryer lives up to it’s packaging. Seriously. It is amazing. 

I love the extra thick cord – very industrial-like. I think this will prevent fraying near the plug which seems to be a vulnerable area for my electronics. The plug itself has a safety shut off with the reset switches built in. 


This hairdryer is smaller than the one I had before which I really like. Also, when I last shopped for a hairdryer I had trouble finding one that was stronger than 1300 watts – this bad boy has a whopping 2200 watts! 

I have very fine hair just past my shoulders and it doesn’t take me long to dry it. My usual “completely dry” and styled drying time time is about 7 minutes. I was able to do it with this Xtava hairdryer in less than 4.

I like to dry and smooth with hair dryers. The nozzle it comes with was perfect for that – I think this is why it was so fast too. Also, with the nozzle,  or concentrator I believe it is called, when you focus on one area at a time the hair around the brush doesn’t fly all over the place. This helps with the overall look and less frizziness. 

The weather has gotten warmer and more humid so I can’t test out the static part but I hear it has something in it that prevents static. It’ll be useful for 60% of the year where we live. 

My daughter is another story. She has very long and thick hair. It takes her forever to dry it somedays, (At least 20 minutes.) Most days she just leaves it wet and goes to school since she needs to be out of here by 8am. I would rather she had a shower at night but she prefers to get ready in the morning. I really don’t like that considering she does this all year long including in the coldest parts of winter. 

She tried this hairdryer for the first time and was completely dry in 10 minutes. And styled. Plus she used the cold blast feature recommended to set your style and liked the results. She finds the grip comfortable and neither of us think it is too heavy.

It stores like any other hairdryer but we’ve decided not to wrap the cord around the handle. I hear it’s bad to do this anyway. Instead we just put it away with the cord wound up a bit beside it – since there is a swivel on the base of cord it doesn’t pop all over the place as soon as you let go. 

I really like the built in safety feature of the reset buttons on the plug. I feel better knowing that if something was to happen when we were using it it would stop working right away – before any damage could occur. ( To people or your fuse box. )  

The price seemed a bit high to me before I tried it but after living with less well made hairdryers all my life. After having to replace them on a regular basis, I think this product is worth every penny. All the things I have had issues with in other hairdryers seem to have been taken in to consideration here. It has a plastic body that seems to be better quality than most of the others I’ve had. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hair dryer that doesn’t have a plastic body. Seriously – have you? I can’t imagine how heavy or hot a metal one would be. 

To summarize, the blowing strength, swivel cord, temperature, and safety features are my favourite parts of this product. My only issue now is that I have to keep retrieving it from my kid’s bathroom!

Definitely recommend this product to friends and family looking for an excellent hairdryer. 






We tried these oil blotting sheets. They are a great idea for teens after school when they need to remove the shine a bit before they go to their part time jobs. An all natural fibre is used to make them and we noticed they are very soft.

The paper itself is smooth and thin and yes it does absorb the oil from your skin. It does not remove your makeup either.  

The company guarantees you will like this product they are so confident. 

Find it here if you would like to try it yourself:




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