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I love puff pastry.

I think you can put just about anything in puff pastry and it tastes great. I’ve heard these called handpies, pastry pockets and turnovers. Whatever you call them, they are delicious, and flakey, and wonderful.

Years ago, “pre-kids”, I used to make spanakopita from scratch. I’d take dozens of large cumbersome layers of pastry, brush them gently with melted butter, and stack them up layer by layer. This was a time consuming process but always worth it.

Now I have discovered pre-buttered puff pastry and I’m so excited. It’s only $2.99 for a pack of two sheets.

I’ve made all sorts of ‘handpies’ from cooked beef, pork, beef and pork and chicken. Veggies alone or with the meats work well too. And cheese too of course. You only need a little bit of filling if you are making a lot from one pack of pastry. These ones I’m showing you are fairly small. Too much filling and it won’t close properly.

finished pastry hand-pies http://www.eclecticsoapbox.com/quick-and-easy-pastry-pocketsI like to save a small amount of whatever I make for dinner to put into these pies. As I said, you don’t need much to make a batch. A great use for leftovers too.

When adding things to puff pasty, I find it is wise to increase the flavour with spices, hot sauce or whatever to give it a bit of ‘omph’. Otherwise it can be kind of bland.

I also like to make a little dipping sauce from whatever is handy. My favourite is mayo and crunchy dijon mustard.

Really! You can even add things like cooked bacon and egg with a bit of onion and cheese. Hand them to the kids on their way out the door in the morning – that’s why they are called handpies!

To make these, follow the instructions on the package for the puff pastry. I usually either thaw in the fridge over night or on counter for a couple hours.

Since it comes rolled in parchment paper, there is no need to use any extra on your cookie sheet. It should fit your cookies sheet. 

How to make handpies:

Have your ingredients ready with a small spoon. 

Prepare your puff pastry in the size you want. As you can see in this picture below, I made each sheet into 9 squares. You can make them bigger or smaller. 

Brush melted butter on two of the edges that will be sealed at the end with the two non-buttered edges. (Assuming you are doing it like I did in square shapes to be folded over into triangles.)

Place small amounts of your chosen filling into the centre of each bit of puff pastry, including any cheese or sauce you decide to add in. 

Fold the edges together to make a triangle shape.Don't put too much filling in the pastry http://www.eclecticsoapbox.com/quick-and-easy-pastry-pockets

Using a fork, press firmly enough with the tines along the sides to seal them. 

Place on the cookie sheet with the parchment paper on it.

Brush beaten egg along the tops of the handpies.

Cook in preheated oven per package directions. If no directions indicated choose one of these: 400°F for 15 mins. or 425°F for 10. Or until they puff up and get a little golden.

Then prepare to be amazed! 

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Have an eclectic day!

pastry http://www.eclecticsoapbox.com/quick-and-easy-pastry-pockets

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