6 Shows for a Rainy Day

With the very rainy summer we’ve had so far, I did a survey to find out what shows or movies my girlfriends would watch if they were away and it rained so hard for the entire time that they were forced to stay in. Most of the responses were about not watching tv but instead talking, drinking wine, playing board games, and dancing in the rain. D’oh! 

After modifying my question slightly to see what they’d potentially watch with their female friends “if the rare and unlikely opportunity presented itself where they had no other choice,” these are 6 of the most popular answers I received:

Gilmore Girls – featured on my blog many times my love of this show is not a secret. Have you seen the reunion season? 4 shows that were released last year to tie up all the loose ends. Epic. 

Grey’s Anatomy – I haven’t watched this series in a long time – I will go back to it one day, maybe when my nest is empty and I’m feeling a need for drama again. Don’t misunderstand – I loved that show but I just haven’t been able to deal with the emotional intensity since my kids hit their teens and they killed off McDreamy. Soon though… Rainy

Scandal – this show appears to be a legal drama – which I tend to like. No doubt full of mystery, brilliant plans and I bet a bit of romance. I will watch this series soon.


Jane the Virgin – from what I have been told, this is a comedy. It sounds hilarious since Jane is mistakenly artificially inseminated by her doctor during a routine physical exam. Now that I’ve gotta see. 


Bloodlines – I started watching this when it first was on Netflix and I was intrigued enough to keep watching it. It is definitely on my go to list when people ask for suggestions. There is a new season out now and I can’t wait to get to it! (I watch this alone – I can’t wait for my husband to be around enough to see it!)


Okja – this new movie on Netflix looks and sounds like an emotional journey into the livestock world. I hear the realities of the food industry are not pretty in this movie but it’s important that as a society dependant on industrial animal mass-production, we as consumers are aware of the realities of how it gets to our plates. My daughter and I will tackle this one together and I suspect it will spur much discussion. 

It’s pretty likely everyone who answered my survey question has watched these shows on their own so I figure they are all good recommendations for my next rainy day Netflix Binge session – even if I’m all by myself after the ladies go home. 

What would you watch? 

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