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Back again is my husband talking about sports stuff! He was pretty impressed with a couple of games we saw lately and here will tell you what he thinks of the first one and the facility it is in. The Raptors 905 team has only been around since 2015 and this was our first time enjoying one of their games. Check out their website here: Raptors905

A few short years ago my wife, Carin, made the decision to go back to school. She took a program at Durham College called Internet Applications and Web Development. That experience has led to the creation of this site, where Carin can, and has, expressed her thoughts on life, the universe and everything. One kind of post is where she will try out a product or service and write up her opinion of it. I had the opportunity to join her for one of these, to see the Raptors 905.

on the court at Raptors 905

This court is so shiny and protected – we had to walk a thin line to get to the centre.

The Raptors 905 is the farm team to the Toronto Raptors NBA basketball team. As a life-long Toronto Maple Leaf fan, its been hard to stay positive about sports in Toronto – especially in the last decade. In recent years the Toronto Raptors have been enjoying an increasing amount of success, so I was excited about this opportunity to see what the future of the team would look like.

Raptors 905 court view

There are many great angles to see the game from – all seats offer really good views.

The games take place in the Hersey Centre, which is an excellent facility – there really is not a bad seat in the house. Our home team were taking on the Sioux Falls Skyforce – a team from South Dakota. The Raptors 905 got off to an early lead, only to have Skyforce storm back. The lead went back and forth several times, with the Raptors 905 taking the lead for good in the fourth quarter. They grew their lead to 20 points with about four minutes left and cruised the rest of the way.

Raptors 905 player

You wouldn’t guess that #13 Antwaine Wiggins is 6’7″ in this picture. Such a nice guy to come say hello to the girls.

 Throughout the game there were several things done to keep the fans engaged. From T-shirt giveaways (tossed into the crowd towards those viewed to be cheering the loudest), trivia, youth playing ball and of course, the cheerleaders. After the game, fans were invited to line up to get autographs from a couple of the players – a tradition that they do after every game.

Raptors 905

Kids are welcome to get an autograph after the game with select players from the team.

Overall, it was a fun and entertaining experience. With tickets starting at $10.00 per seat, it is an affordable, fun way for a family to spend an evening. Staff did a great job of keeping the fans involved in the game and the players are made accessible to fans. It was definitely an experience I would like to enjoy again.

My daughter and her friend also enjoyed themselves and were stoked to meet the players after the game. I really appreciated the size and quality of the Hershey Centre and feel like there was a much better connection to the players we were cheering for. I also LOVED the fact that parking is free – that’s right folks – FREE. As we all know that makes a big difference in today’s family entertainment planning. The Hershey Centre is at the west end of the GTA at 5500 Rose Cherry Place, Mississauga, On., L4Z 4B6.

This is a great last minute gift idea for your friends or family! 

Check them out this holiday season and show some support for the home team! 


The tickets for this game were given to me in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

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