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Reflections of a Grumpalump…

Can I say it now? I have been, amongst other things, treated like dirt, hijacked in the middle of what I thought was a neutral conversation, not thanked, vomited on, and taken for granted for a long time. Sure, sure kids it’s ok to vent, feel safe and loved no matter what you dish out.

You guessed it – I am a mum.

It’s awesome to have mini versions of hubs and I who know it all and exist solely to correct me in my old feebleness. Thank dogs they can tell me “it’s not the seventies” anymore – ‘cause I was in cloth diapers then and sure as heck can’t remember a darn thing from that decade.

Certain steps are necessary for kids to become independent people. One of these is to distance themselves from their caregivers. As a parent, there is so much pressure to know the right thing to do and say in all these situations. Grrr. And I’m trying to deal with my own issues right now – like growing really old, losing my grip on reality, and imminent empty nest syndrome.

Sometimes I just want to tear up and tell them “stop being so mean”, or “quit picking on me.” Can I do that?

For the love of all things dog… sometimes kids can suck.

Well here’s the news flash – I’m not super. Not even a little bit. Sometimes I just want to flip it around and let them see how they are making me feel. Actions speak louder than words right?

I, as a rule, dislike following the crowd. This is especially the case with commercialized holidays. Christmas makes me feel nauseous, valentine’s day turns me into a romance activist and mother’s day? You’ve GOT to be kidding. If I have to wait an entire year to find out how much I mean to these little monkeys I’ll quit. I better hear it every dog darned day.

Don’t complain unless you have a solution I’ve always believed. Here are my suggestions for some very specific ‘holidays’ that I think we can all get behind:





Can you think of any others? 

Mother’s Day means you are Queen for the day – but think of the price your kitchen must pay!

[ Author’s note – I really and truly love my kids and they are funny, compassionate, responsible people. They were so loving and caring this year for Mother’s Day and I appreciate all they did. I wouldn’t want any other kids and these ones are very familiar with my rants. Oh and I wrote this post the day before Mother’s Day and edited it the day after. 🙂 ]

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