Romantic Options for Relationship Building


Imagine a weekend away at a romantic retreat for you and your honey – a welcoming fire, five course dinner, wine, outdoor hot tub – total pampering. What would you do? I have some suggestions based on the options we had on a recent visit the Couple’s Resort just south of Algonquin Park in Whitney, Ontario. 

options flower basket

There are so many things I love about this place – especially the flowers!

Outdoor Activities

There are so many options to choose from! You can journey around the gorgeous Galeairy lake like we did with a canoe or kayak quietly paddling by the islands blooming with wild flowers and plants. Watch the loon call to its mate diving for a surprisingly long time only to reemerge a mile away. We saw rings left in the water from fish jumping up to catch some tasty bugs. 

If you do that you might, as I did, be able to gaze in wonder at your partner for being so good at steering your canoe and propelling it through the water. Or drift while rocking gently talking about ‘all the things’ without any electricity, traffic, phones or other people to distract you. 

options on canoe

This trip I conquered my fear of canoes – yes I’m a big baby. Paul showed me how hard it is to flip the ones they have a this resort – I stayed dry! It was lovely and we stayed out on the lake for a couple hours.

You can choose the paddle boat option where you might take a snack and drinks to float along to your heart’s content. There is also a tandem bike – recommended for team building and definitely requiring cooperation. 

tandem bike options

Yeah we didn’t get very far this day lol. A challenge we need to attempt next time.

Inside Options

You can lie beside your husband in the spa and feel the pressure of a stranger’s hands kneading the tension out of your muscles, especially where the tension builds up – right between your shoulder blades. Or enjoy a “his and her’s” pedicure together, quietly discussing your addiction to the whole idea of ‘spa’ and taking care of yourselves once in awhile to make you better people for your kids. 

dinner options

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing the food is here – my Instagram account is so happy with the pictures! These are just a few of my favourites.

You can dress up to eat in the Bear Trail Lodge Restaurant dining room with your own wine, or select something from their extensive regional and international wine list with the advice of their knowledgeable sommelier. Daily specials are posted on their Facebook page.  Enjoy live music surrounded by the invisible privacy provided from the quiet murmurings of other couples. 

breakfast options in room

On our second morning we had breakfast in our room. It was so relaxing! Plus the food arrived hot and perfectly prepared the way we requested.

Or have one of your meals in your chateaux, suite or villa, in the cozy soft robes provided by the resort, in front of a wood fire. This resort is famous for it’s award winning cuisine plus the menu offers vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options as well. 

more indoor options

More options for indoor fun.

More Options

Wander one of the forest trails or visit the resident art studio, play in the games room, or swim in the salt water pool by day then at night sit by the bonfire and gaze across the lake at the reflection of the moon. You can also enjoy tennis, horseback riding, bikes and more than you could ever fit into one visit. 

swimming options

I love the salt water pool – so much nicer on your skin.

Treat yourself and your partner to this exquisite, relationship deepening experience – we love it at this resort and you will too regardless if you are in an outdoor activity kind of mood or are looking for some inside options. There is something to please everyone.

Curious to see more? Check out this post written about our fall experience or go to the Couple’s Resort website here

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and all opinions are mine. 

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