Guilty Pleasure #1

Awesome and Easy Facebook Tip Alert!

SaveAt this time of year I find I am so tempted to just sit down and read all the very interesting posts on Facebook. Losing oneself in Facebook is a hobby, or guilty pleasure, shared by many.

There are SO MANY awesome posts I want to read but if I can’t when I see them I fear I’ll lose them forever. I’ll admit I’ve copied and pasted links into my notepad to be read for later.

Recently, Facebook found a solution to this problem. They gave us a ‘Save’ button. Yahoo! 

Step 1:

If you want to save a post for later, (and let’s face it who doesn’t want to read every one of the 20 + Slow Cooker Recipes Kids Love?) find the chevron in the top right hand corner of the post and click.

(This will be an option for the posts that have expandable content in it. If it isn’t an option you can’t save it.)

Select the ‘Save’ option and you are good to go.



Step 2:

If you want to know where to find your saved posts, look under your profile photo under all the groups you are part of.



Step 3:

Pick the post you are interested in and commence knowledge upload. (Read it that is.) 🙂



I hope this is helpful to you. I use this all the time and haven’t yet encountered the maximum quantity allowed for saves. If you do have any more questions, the official page for this from the horses’ mouth is here.

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