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Are you a fan of scary movies? I am not. At least not any more. Something about being in control of my own life and having kids made me a scaredy cat of all that crazy stuff. When I was “not an adult” and had very little responsibility for my life, I loved scary movies. No longer. I just can’t do it. Nope.

It’s not about being afraid of every day stuff – I can deal with that. It’s when my imagination gets engaged and I realize all the things I am SURE are not real suddenly look so real! And you know what I hate the most? When the creepy stuff goes after regular, normal people who don’t even deserve it! With today’s incredible effects things just get too real. 

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I don’t mind suspenseful movies or shows like Stranger Things (Season 2 out October 27th!), or Supernatural, (I can’t believe it’s into season 12!). I like to be surprised by cleverly written and well, less gory stories. Just don’t drag out a chain saw, dangle bits of my friends around my face, or crawl across the ceiling and we’ll be fine. 

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I’m currently working myself up to watching a new one on Netflix – Gerald’s Game. It’s about a couple who goes off to a remote cottage to get into some kinky stuff, but after the wife is handcuffed to a bed she watches her husband die of a heart attack. Apparently it was all too exciting for him. And of course with no one around she is stuck a prisoner of her own fears and thoughts. I want to find out how she gets out. At least I think I do. Maybe. 


For all my fellow chickens, here is a map of shows and movies on Netflix ranging from kid friendly to scared for your life. I’ve been dared to work my way through it and all I can say is it’s a good thing I stopped accepting dares long ago. Feel free to give it a shot though! (And don’t say I didn’t warn you!)


By the way, if you are looking for more stimulation Halloween Eve, there is a new app/game in the good old 80’s format like Stranger Things – it totally takes me back to the Leisure Suit Larry days! It’s available for IOS and Android and is called “Stranger Things, the Game”. But let me warn you – it is highly addictive!

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Happy Hallowe’en!

This post is sponsored by Netflix. 

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