A very good friend, talented photojournalist and inspiring web designer, Yvonne Berg has a crisp, clean approach to design – have a look at her work here and prepare to be amazed. Thanks for sharing this story with us Yvonne.

The Shoe Tree

I have passed by this tree dozens of times: with my daughter on our way to Wonderland, on assignment for newspapers, or driving down the country road looking for a way past highway congestion.

I finally put aside some time to grab my camera and stop to capture this incredible sight. Not such an easy feat (or, should it be feet?) it turns out as the busy road offers no parking and precious little walking space on the side.  But the light was perfect and I was game for a little off-road hiking so I persevered.


If you visit the tree and get close up, you can stand there for hours just imagining all the stories of what propelled the shoe-owners to attach their belongings to this tree. Who are they? What were they like? Did the owner of the black wellies like to fish in them? Did the little girl who had worn the ballet slippers go on to be a ballerina star?

Some time after I took this photo, I returned with my daughter and we left behind a pair of her toddler shoes, slung over a pair of somebody else’s sneakers.

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