Shopping – Treat or Torture?

It’s an adventure. It’s torture. It’s educational. For some it’s an addiction. For me, it’s sometimes therapeutic. When it isn’t torture that is. 

I used to enjoy wandering around stores and malls. Then I became a mum and for some reason that ruined it for me. I became a stay at home mum after Thing 2 came along. When you have two littles with you in a retail environment you have to be prepared to change your plans at the drop of a hat, or soother as it may be. The tantrum moment happened once only. They never tried that again when I took them home right away. Shopping became more of a chore to me during that time. 

shop2Then again, eventually we decided that for me to regain my sanity, I would go out alone for a little while when my spouse got home. That means the ‘shopping’ became a refuge, or therapy. Shopping without two kids under two became wonderful. 

Becoming a one income family as suddenly as we did created certain challenges with the whole ‘shopping’ experience. It was more necessary than before to really focus on things like pricing, value, necessity etc. It became about what we ‘needed’ vs. ‘wanted’. 

Now when I take the littles shopping, the now teen littles, it still isn’t guaranteed to be pleasant. Thing 1 is the pickiest young man around. I suppose that is better than apathy. He likes nice, classy lines and no logos.

Thing 2 is at the age where she is stealing my clothes! The same clothes that were ‘uncool’ only last year. She has become easy to shop for.shop1

My spouse doesn’t do shopping – which may be why we are still married. Plus he doesn’t like it when I shop for him. So how does he think the clothes he wears arrive on his body? Who knows.

Anyway, now shopping is more about preparing before I go out. I do a lot of on-line shopping. If I can do it from my couch I will. Saves gas, parking, impulse buying, crowds… What the heck, why not?

What are your thoughts?


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