Keeping it Simple

Summer is going by as fast as ever – especially with the kids both working. It’s all about them having their first real summer jobs with full time hours this year. They are both very busy as rangers at a local campground and for me it means lots of driving, arranging of schedules, pickups and drop offs. I think they are enjoying themselves and while I know it is a big change for both of them, they are aware they have landed quite the awesome summer jobs as teens. simple

Because of this, life around here has become more hectic with 4 jobs between the 4 of us with 4 different schedules and only 2 cars. Challenging! Unfortunately there is no public transportation option to any of them so some days I’ve had to drive back and forth from home 6 times – not a simple task.


Keep It Simple

It’s become important for us to simplify things around the house – less social events and precision shopping trips. I make dinner for everyone and they eat when they get home.

When the kids were little my husband and I would grab a hot tea and sit out on the back deck after they were in bed, to ‘de-frag’ as he calls it. We’d discuss the day, the plans for the next day, bills, work, car schedule, whatever. It was ‘adult’ time. I’ve come to rely on this now as a way to deal with our crazy days of summer this year. Sometimes we all sit out on the back deck together – those are my favourite times.

Of course, since it’s so hot we’ve replaced the hot tea with something cold and simple like a good old fashioned iced tea. After drinking water all day I feel the need to switch things up a bit at night. A few snacks, a little time and what’s not to love? simple


We’ve become particularly fond of the simplicity of Pure Leaf Iced Tea. It’s real brewed tea made from real tea leaves – just like I used to make plus I don’t have boil the kettle myself and heat up my kitchen.

It’s now mid-July and the summer is beginning to feel like it’s coming to an end already. Don’t laugh at that I know we have 6 weeks or so to go but seriously, I’ve been doing ‘summer’ for 48 years and I know how it goes. This second half always goes quicker than the first half. We have to make sure we stay sane and still squeeze in family time with these amazing kids who will be going back to school faster than you know. 


Until then we’ll enjoy the rest of the summer evenings on the back deck chilling and being present in the moment, sipping iced tea and enjoying each other’s company.  

And remember your iced tea cubes!

simple cubes

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