Welcome Guest Poster Emma Harris! Emma and classmates have been working hard on raising awareness for causes affecting not just teens but people of all ages and demographics. These kids mean serious business and have created videos, Twitter campaigns, Instagram galleries and promotional materials to get the word out. I’m very proud and will now step aside…

For years now society has been aware of the unrealistic standards set by magazines, movies and fashion shows. There have been women strutting around in close to no clothing, men photoshopped to perfection, and diet pills and gym memberships advertised for even the youngest of kids to see. There have been many attempts to raise awareness for these corrupt messages in today’s world, but the problem remains. Worse yet, it has grown out of control. Now we can’t just close the magazine, change channels or not attend the fashion show to get away from the advertisement.

In today’s society everyone uses the internet. They uses laptops, phones, iPads or tablets. With these amazing devices comes a great consequence – we give up our right to being ad free. We’re constantly bombarded with ads. There are also other sources of these unrealistic standards, not just touching on our bodies, but also on our lives as well. Now other social media platforms, such as YouTube, make people out to be perfect. Although many YouTubers consider themselves to be your average young adult, they are still given the same pressures and thought of as celebrities. YouTubers such as Zoe Sugg, Alfie Dayes, Lily Signh, Shawn Mendes and Cameron Dallas are just a few of the millions of talents who have risen from the world’s most popular video site.


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Their lives are thought of as perfect, and some social media influencers have decided to remind the world that they are human. Actor Ricky Gervais has taken to posting pictures of himself taking baths, showing off his natural body and being his less than socially acceptable self. Celebrities such as Beyonce, Zendaya, Lady Gaga, Brad Pitt and Shawn Mendes have also taken a stand against photoshop. Zendaya Coleman was dismayed after the final photos for the 2015 November cover of Modelist were released, claiming that “[t]hese are the things that make [people] self conscious, that create the unrealistic ideals of beauty” (Zendaya). The 20 year old actress was shocked that her body was manipulated, and fought to have the originals posted instead.

Just like these idols, we too can change the standards we’ve accepted and show off our natural beauty. Join in on the #IMperfectBHS campaign on Twitter and post pictures of yourself in your natural habitat, wearing whatever makes you comfortable and showing off your beautiful smile! It’s time to break the bonds media has placed on us and accept ourselves as the beautiful beings we are. Post pictures you wouldn’t normally post -maybe ones people have taken of you at weird angles – where you feel your best. Let’s be the change we want to see!

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