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You know what I have noticed over the years? Everyone gets socks for Christmas. Could it be a tradition related to stockings? I have concluded that this is not only a very popular idea for gift giving but it needs to be taken to the next level. If you are serious about your sock giving intentions, you must keep reading. ( Spoiler alert – there is a discount code coming up! )

There are so many wonderful things about this company I found called SockBox.ca. It’s socks… delivered to your door! Each and every one is special and unique. What a cool idea! Everyone on your list would be thrilled to receive a funky new pair of socks every month – or two – or however many you want to send. 

Get some for yourself, your mailman, your daughter, uncle or aunt! Your school’s secretary, your doctor, your accountant or friend Grant! (I feel like I’m channeling Dr. Seuss here.)last minute gift ideas eclecticsoapbox

“Each month we’ll deliver a random pair of colourful socks to your mailbox. Instead of just bills, now you can rip open your Sock Box awesomeness.”

Why did I include it in the Last Minute Gift Giving Guide? 

Because students truly won’t actually hate this delivery. Especially if they live in residence and have to do their own laundry. At any time, all you do is sign up for a gift subscription and a gift card is provided. The male or female recipient can go on the website and specify their preferences. They even come wrapped in very cool packaging!

sockbox.ca socks on eclecticsoapbox.com

What’s in the box? One or two pairs each month. These are lovely and soft socks with bright bold colours. Good elastic too. These pairs are unisex.

These socks will be delivered for approximately $12 a month, including shipping and handling. They are made of a high quality blend of materials that are soft and won’t shrink when you wash them. The socks are bright and unique as SockBox.ca gets their product from many different places ensuring a variety of patterns and designs. 

Every time I think about this post I see the foot from Monty Phython’s Flying Circus. Now there is a foot that needs some funky socks! 

Final Word:

Get the socks. Give the socks. Everyone will love you for it. It’s a win-win.

SockBox.ca has generously provided us with a secret code for a free pair of socks with your first order!

How cool is that!?

The secret code is:


To see some other great ideas, check out the “Last Minute Gift Ideas Students Won’t Actually Hate” list here. Cheers! 


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