For a few years now I’ve had BINS of ribbon lying around waiting for some brilliant and beautiful reason to use them. They were mostly from my scrapbooking days. Every now and then the kids would get into my stash and do a few things but it’s mostly still a BIG HUGE PILE. 

Because Easter is later this year I actually had time to make up this cute little wreath. Let me tell you how:

Grab as many things that are seasonal as you can find. This picture shows I didn’t use everything I thought I would and I actually needed to add more ribbon as I went along. I liked how the greens and purples went together – you can use this as a spring wreath too if you take the eggs off. 



The styrofoam wreath I used was flaking all over the place so I ended up putting tape all over it. I cut the ribbon about 14″ long and tied 4 of each kind around the wreath. It is pretty small which is why I used only 4 of each colour – plus some of my ribbon is very thick. 

I tried to layer them or at least put them close beside the last one. For the know I just tied a regular double knot. Since my wreath was not rounded I left the knots up near the front – it looks pretty with them pushed back but they are too hidden with this shape. 

ribbon knots


I kept going until the wreath underneath was covered up. I even tore a strip off some easter fabric I have to make it more colourful. I could easily remove that if I want a less easter-ish look. I also needed to grab more ribbon. If I was purchasing stuff for this I would have picked out different patterns within the same colour group. But as a stash busting craft I had to use what I had.

lots of ribbon


I added a bit of pearl string that I have in abundance from my Christmas Lacy Angel Wings craft leftovers. Plus some eggs, flowers, a hanging ribbon et voilà! 
finished ribbon wreath


I didn’t take long after I had everything ready. If I did it again I’d probably cut all the ribbon at first and use a rounded wreath. I think it’s pretty cute! Let me know if you are going to try it too!

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