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Tow Truck Adventures

Stories from the Tow Away zone... This summer both kids were licensed, working full weeks at their jobs and were on different shifts. My husband and I were both working too. Between juggling taxiing and letting them take the cars, things became quite complicated. Maybe that is what led to the ultimate demise of our BOTH our cars this summer, or maybe it was a coincidence. That will remain a mystery...  In any event, I was involved with a tow truck on three different occasions this summer - all within five weeks.   The first time ...was because my husband's ignition stopped…

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5 Tips for Road Trips

It's almost the end of summer and I was looking back on all our road trips this year. It's amazing what you can fit into two months! I love getting to know places around me and enjoy the whole 'road trip' adventure - it's not only about the destination but it's also about the journey.  I was invited to write this post (Groupon has sponsored it,) and that inspired me to come up with some travelling tips.  Here are some of the things I do that make road tripping much easier: Make sure you unpack your fur babies before you leave - unless they are coming with…

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Moving in day…AKA the BIG LEAP

(Here is an audio version I recorded of this blog. Feel free to listen as you read through although I have to warn you - I get a bit emotional!) Listen: [audio m4a="http://www.eclecticsoapbox.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Moving-In-Day.m4a"] or, Read: This was the day I had been dreading for months. The day my first born - Thing 1, moved out of our home to go to school for four years. Guess what? I survived. But it has taken me two weeks to sit down and write about it. The first week I still felt too fragile. Nothing was right when I woke up in the…

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5 Fun Family Things to do in Burlington Day 1

5 Fun Family Things to do in Burlington Day 1 Recently I was invited to participate in a tour of Burlington, Ontario. While not paid to write this review, I was able to sample services and products from the area. It was a most enjoyable trip. Waterfront Hotel guest services notions I stayed in the Waterfront Hotel at the end of Brant Street. The view from my room was spectacular. I could see the lake right out my window. The staff was friendly and the room clean and nicely appointed. There were big fluffy pillows to sink into at the…

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Eclectic Adventures in Orono

"Main Thru Church" Antique Mall If you are looking for someplace intriguing to hang out in for a few hours, Orono may have you losing all track of time. There are so many different things to do there from parks and shops to explore to gastronomical treats that will make you want to come back again and again. On this day I checked out some really nice places including one of their antique stores. Here are some cool finds from the Main Thru Church Antique Mall: Come have a look in Orono to see what else is in stock. Many different vendors are…

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This is my first #blogging101 post. I have been told to say why I want to blog. Well, here it is... I am a chatterbox. I always wanted to write a book but I'd lose interest in it too fast. Blogs seem like a good way to stay interested and engaged in the process. I have done many things and I think I'm downright interesting. The other thing that appeals to me is to be able to ramble on and NOT be interrupted! Yahoo this is my soapbox! I'll write about what I love, think, find exciting and what keeps…

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