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Screen Wars

Screen Wars I was a kid in the days of 12 channels on a round dial. We had two televisions - one colour and one black and white. As the oldest of 4 I had the privilege being "the channel changer", although that was a trap since one of the others usually stole my seat while I was getting up and down to do it. Screen Wars. When we accidentally broke off the power button, my dad stuck a screw into the hole so we could still use it. (Oh yeah - we were into high tech even back then.) We had a great tv schedule - morning…

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Having a Blast!

Fort Henry Blasts You Back in Time (For the audio version click the play button below.) [audio mp3="http://www.eclecticsoapbox.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/FortHenry.mp3"] Thing 1 and I were in Kingston recently to explore and attend the Queen's University orientation for new students. ( Click here to read all about it. ) It was a whirlwind trip planning for the future but we managed to spend a good chunk of our time looking back in the past. We had an amazing day of exploring Fort Henry topped off by massive explosions and fireworks - what more could you ask for? A beautiful lake view you say? Or maybe…

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