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Frozen Beach Glass

At this time of the year it is really so wonderful to get out into nature, breath the fresh, cold air, and move your body. When you live in a snowy place half the year you learn to either find things to do outside or you are miserable while you wait for spring. My husband and I like to head to the beach to check out the waves - they take on a whole new character in the winter. The beach is my happy place and somewhere I feel connected to the planet. I can think about life while listening to…

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Beach Treasures

Treasures One of my favourite hobbies is treasure hunting. Be it that perfect photo image, the best sunset, a great deal at a charity shop, or the gently buffed piece of beach glass. treasures I love to wander along the tide lines of beaches seeking out hidden treasures. Driftwood rims my gardens and beautiful rounded stones speckle throughout the rich earth and plants. Every beach seems to be different in the stones it offers. Some have nicely rounded stones and glass, others have the jagged stuff. Colours vary too - from bright pinks, oranges, yellows and greens to monotone grey, black, and…

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5 Fun Family Things to do in Burlington Part 2

More Family Fun in Burlington! Day 2 After a great sleep at the Waterfront Hotel our friendly driver Don picked us up and drove to Beach Life Forever. He was the person who got us everywhere we needed to go on our first day on this adventure too. I love having someone drive me to the airport - I will definitely call Airways Transit the next time we take a trip. Don was a great driver. Friendly and knowledgeable about the area. 3. Burlington Beach Rentals - Yoga Here are some of the other fine bloggers I was on the tour with. There…

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Think, Blink and Get the Heck Outta Here!

If I could somehow be transported to a place anywhere within the blink of an eye, where would I go? My first instinct is to think of one of the many lovely beaches I remember, perhaps in the Haliburtons. Because it is very cold right now though I’d rather go to the southern end of the continent and in Florida to the beach I visited two years ago called Clearwater. It was a lovely beach with soft sand like baby powder. I couldn't stop picking the sand up and letting it run through my fingers. So soft.  The obligatory palm trees…

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