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5 Reasons Why I Don’t Want to Post

Today I want to tell you why I don't feel like writing a post. I'll start at the least important reason and work my way up. I have great excuses: I don't feel very creative right now. It takes a lot of effort for me to push ideas out, develop them, edit the heck out of them and then publish them. The words are one thing but even my favourite part - the images, takes so much energy. I am just not feeling it right now. I think all the creative bones in my body have decalcified since the year…

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Bloggy Feels

I have been looking at ton's o blog's 'About Me' pages lately and have noticed how many people started writing for therapeutic purposes. It's really so fantastic. We write to inspire, vent, work through and help ourselves and our readers. What a great thing the internet is. It's a place where you can share feelings with people all across this planet. I have vented on this blog about my frustrations, exercised the demons of my childhood, cried with grief about missing loved ones, and shared my excitement and joy of my children's successes. Plus, if you look around you will…

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I’m not a blogger

Do you know what ‘blog’ comes from? Web Log. Most sites are fairly static in that they don’t change very often but when you make changes to it frequently, like to add a daily or weekly update, you get to call it a blog.  The term blog has been getting some bad publicity lately. It seems to be said with derision even. I wonder why that is? A group of blogger friends recently found some t-shirts that said “I’m not a blogger” and posted pictures of themselves dressed up in them. Pretty funny.  I asked a family member if they’d…

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