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Wandering in Perth, Ontario

When the kids were little we used to drive into a new area and explore it without a plan or a map and we called these trips 'Adventure Drives'. This summer marked the last time my daughter and I would have any adventures together until she returns from her first 18 months of college. We decided to bring back this old tradition to make fun memories to last the whole school year by visiting a few new places around Ontario. One of our stops was Ottawa where we walked our feet off checking out all the anniversary celebrations - stay…

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Family Bonding in Burlington

Bonding Time During Our Staycation We've had a big change this past year - our oldest child went away to university and lived in residence in another town. (Click here to see more of this.) bonding As a very close family, this adjustment was not an easy one for any of us but we survived. Now, after a year of our son being independent, we need to make another adjustment to this adult who came home to live with us for the summer. It's another big one too. I have felt a bit of distance between the three of us and my…

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Gilmore Girls

Honorary Gilmore Girls

We are honorary Gilmore Girls! Sarcasm, humour, love - all part of the glue for mother/daughter bonding. My daughter and I escape with Gilmore Girls. It has so many life lessons for both of us. We've watched this series together a few times. She tells me now that she is older she has a much better appreciation for the humour. My daughter says one of her favourite 'comfort' memories is watching Gilmore Girls on the couch together - just the two of us. We love ALL THE STUFF on this show. This show has given us so many opportunities to discuss life situations including family relationships, adult romance, teen friendships,…

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