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Easy Cheesy Potatoes

Cheesy Goodness It's that time of the year again where this delicious recipe pops up! My sister and I have had this cheesy potato recipe from our Dad from many moons ago. We make it all the time and bring it to dinners and potlucks. It's the perfect dish to travel with and if you can make it ahead of time, you only need to heat it up right before serving. Highly sought after, this dish is super easy to make.  But I must warn you, if you make it once, you'll have to make it many more times. It's very easy…

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Mum’s Sausage Tomato Casserole

This recipe was taught to me by my mum. I have very early recollections of her preparing the layers, peppering each one as she made it and the delicious smells that steadily grew. This is one of my favourite meals. You will need: ( All the amounts depend on what you like best. This list will tell you the minimum you need. ) 1 pack breakfast sausages, ( or whatever flavour you love, ); Can of diced tomatoes - drained; 1 Large onion; Green beans drained - canned, or frozen - canned works best due to the consistency; Potatoes to make enough…

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loaded potato buffalo chicken casserole

Attention all Picky Eaters! Loaded Potato and Buffalo Chicken Casserole

Last night I tried a new recipe. I'll now attempt to recreate it for you on this page. I lost the original link but it shows up on Facebook now and then. With a bit of customization, it's our favourite new dish. I even took pictures! You must understand that I live with people who all have different preferences. It's maddening. Thing one won't eat vegetables and fruit. Thing two doesn't like most dairy products. The spouse - well he will eat anything. I don't usually like seasoned potatoes. When I come across a dish that pleases them all -…

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