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a cup of tea

When I was a little girl my mornings would start with a sweet milky cup of tea on my bedside table. I’d open my eyes and see the back of my Dad as he headed to the next of the four kids to tell us it was time to get up for school. I had a white cup with Mickey Mouse on it and I could only drink it out of this cup. I remember sitting up in bed with my covers around me, putting the cup to my lips and tasting the warm sweetness of that first cup of…

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My Santa Suspicions

Here is a random memory from my childhood you might be able to relate to: My bedroom was at the end of the hall directly down from the living room. I remember waking up Christmas Eve after everyone had gone to sleep to hear some rustling noises in the living room - it was quite the 'a clatter'. There was a faint glow coming under my door too.   I held my breath and could hear the clunky sounds from the roof that must have been the reindeer hooves. I was so scared Santa would find out I was awake and…

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Sandbox Memories

I grew up in a place called Scarborough. It was the little town that grew and when I was a pre-teen it became a city. Then it was gobbled up by what we used to call 'Downtown' - it became part of the massive city of Toronto, or the 'GTA.' When I was little I wanted so badly to leave home. My childhood was rife with conflict and many bad memories. My family had broken there. My siblings and I scattered as soon as we could.  Speaking of the squirrel chronologs,  I'm about to share a bunch of random memories with you... My house felt…

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